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The Petra Kitchen will enrich Petra’s visitor experience by offering a nightly cooking class and dinner sharing authentic local cuisine in a family atmosphere. Visitors will work alongside local chefs and local women to prepare dishes made from local products which might be found on a typical family menu. By sharing the recipes for all the prepared dishes, we will encourage our guests to return home and share the tastes of Jordan with their own family and friends. Guests who join us for a multi-night cuisine course will share harvesting and marketing duties with the chef to learn about local markets and food suppliers.

Made in Jordan Gallery & Gift shop will showcase high-quality handicrafts produced in Jordan using local materials and Jordanian craftspersons. We will encourage local artisans to design and produce top-quality and innovative products inspired by traditional Jordanian designs and history. We will price our products to insure a fair return to the local artisans by establishing a fixed-price policy which does not unfairly distort the product’s value. We will review our suppliers’ employment practices to insure that Jordanian craftspersons earning a fair wage are the producers of our products. We will help our suppliers develop products which promote an understanding of Jordanian culture and heritage.