“Too much is not enough” might be the unwritten rule in Jordanian hospitality. Do you know that when you accept a Bedouin family’s invitation for a mansaf, they are obliged to kill two goats even for one guest, to signal to that guest that he can eat his fill!

We don’t want you to leave the Petra Kitchen hungry, but please don’t worry about the seemingly enormous quantity of leftovers you may see at the end of the meal. They won’t go to waste. Instead, we distribute them as follows:
- Visiting tour guides, drivers and other guests present at the Petra Kitchen after you meal will be invited to enjoy your efforts.
- Our Petra Kitchen and made in Jordan staff will have their dinners.
- Our helpful Petra housewives may take “doggy bags” home for their families.
- Petra Kitchen staffers with family goat and sheep herds will let their animals feast on leftover salads and breads.

So…..thanks for sharing!