Petra Kitchen

Both the Petra Kitchen and the made in jordan gallery (upstairs) take pride in offering you an authentic Jordanian product. Our vegetables, chicken and meats are locally produced, and purchased directly from the growers or from the local fruit and vegetable market. (Participants in our 5-night cooking courses will make several shopping trips to the market with our chefs.) Chicken and meat are purchased from local butchers and resellers who source local product.

Our olive oil is cold-pressed from Jordanian olive orchards around Mafraq and Ajlun, in the north of Jordan. Some of our herbs and spices are locally grown, including the mint, parsley and thyme you have used. For millennia, Petra has been at the heart of the world’s spice trade, and the far-flung origins of many of our spices reflects a local sophistication with exotic imported seasonings such as cardamom, cinnamon and nutmeg. We are proud to offer Zumot’s fine organic Jordanian varietal wines, grown in the Zumot family vineyards around Mafraq and Jerash. Even our fixtures—the tables you cook and eat on, the aprons and dishes—are all local products, manufactured especially for the Petra Kitchen in local carpentry shops and cooperatives such as the Jordan River Foundation and the Petra Pottery project in nearby Taybet. The same care to support and promote local suppliers is evident in the made in jordan gallery/giftshop upstairs, which we hope you will visit.

Every gift item for sale in our shop is an authentic Jordanian product. From the wonderful Dead Sea amenities of Trinite (Amman) to the high-quality embroidered fashions of Raghed Hatahet(Amman), from the Nabatean-inspired craft items produced by the Petra Pottery workshop (Taybet) and the Nabatean Womens’ Cooperative Society (Petra) silver jewelry to the handmade paper products from the Iraq al Amir Womens’ Cooperative Society (Wadi Seer) and the folkloric baby quilts from the Ghor Safi Womens’ Cooperative Society (Jordan Valley), we have brought the very best of Jordan’s artisanal products together in one shop to offer you genuinely “made in Jordan” momentos of your visit. In the shop, too, all the display fixtures are locally produced. Please ask our staff for more information about where and how your food and gift items were made….we’re proud of our local suppliers!